EscoLab is an initiative of the Barcelona City Council coordinated by the Barcelona Science Program of the Culture Institut of Barcelona and the Science Culture Program of the Education Institut of Barcelona, and benefits from the participation of the research centres which offer different activities.

The Universitat Pompeu Fabra and in particular the Biomedical Electronics Research Group, leaded by Antoni Ivorra, participated in Escolab 2018 with the interactive activity “Exploring wireless implantable microstimulators”. The aim of this activity was to give high-school students the opportunity to have contact with the development of biomedical devices, especially those intended for neuroprostheses. The students explored two powering methods used nowadays in wireless implants, and used a small phantom to distinguish their pros and cons. Afterwards, they injected an implantable microstimulator developed in our research group into a phantom and powered it wirelessly using galvanic coupling; and explored the miniature device using a microscope.




Universitat Pompeu Fabra was present in Escolab 2018